Nevine Gamea

Minister of Trade and Industry, Egypt

Mrs Nevine Gamea

- She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University in 1984.

- Over more than thirty years, She got Practical experience in the banking sector where she held many positions in investment, finance and retail banking.

- She joined the Social Fund for Development in January 2005

- She developed financing mechanisms and methods , contributed to preparing the first credit policy for financing small and micro enterprises in the Social Fund for Development in April 2005 and introduced direct financing for the activities of the Social Fund for Development.

- In 2013 she assumed the leadership of the central sector for financing small enterprises in the Social Fund for Development.

- She participated , with the Banks departments and various concerned state agencies, in formulating a strategy for financing small enterprises.

- From 2013 to 2016, she played a major role in increasing financing small enterprises, as 10.5 billion pounds were pumped into small enterprises representing 52% of total funding pumped since its inception.

- She adopted a policy aiming at diversifying financing products available for small enterprises.

- She adopted financial leasing mechanism through contracting with active financial leasing companies in the Egyptian market.

- She Participated in setting the first investment policy for the Social Fund for Development,

- She Participated in launching the first financing program directed to the owners of pioneering ideas and innovative enterprises as the Social Fund for Development participated in financimg those enterprises.

- She was chosen as the first (formerly) Secretary General of the Social Fund for Development from within the institution in November 2016, which is the highest executive position in the Social Fund.

- She was chosen as the first CEO of the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Development Agency.

- She participated in drafting the law for developing small and medium enterprises , and developing the national strategy for small enterprises.

- She adopted a new method to expand the application of project financing services, as the total fund pumped since she took over the responsibility of the Social Fund and then to the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Development Authority in the period from 1/12/2016 to 30/11/2019 amounted to about 16.1 billion pounds launching 719.203 enterprises creating 1,196,262 jobs.

-She succeeded in attracting grants worth 509 million pounds to be used in community and human development enterprises, which provided nearly 42,000 jobs.

- She developed all non-financial services available for owners of small enterprises in addition to the great expansion in entrepreneurship programs within the Agency's strategy to spread the idea of self-employment among young people .

- She is selected by Forbes as the most influential government official in Egypt.

- She was chosen several times as one of the most important female figures influencing national and Arab economy.

- She is considered one of the most important experts in the field of investment and project development.