Konstantinos Synodinos

Founder & CEO
ChampionsID, Greece

MBA Graduate from University of Piraeus, Bachelor in Business Administration from the same university 

Marketing & Sports Management instructor for the Greek Ministry of Sports 

Have worked for Procter & Gamble & Diageo both in Greece and abroad for 8 years, as a Brand & Marketing Manager, managing brands like Johnnie Walker, Ariel, Duracell, Pantene, Braun, Pringles, for Greece & Western Europe region.

Since 2015 CEO & Founder of CHAMPIONSID.COM, winner of the Greek entrepreneurship award for 2016 & 2nd winner of the National Bank of Greece Innovation & Technology competition of 2016.

ChampionsID.com was 1 of the 32 companies worldwide, selected and funded by the White House to compete in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit of 2016 in Silicon Valley.

Since April 2017 - Founder of SimplyDigital.gr, The 1st Marketplace of Digital Services in Greece