François Fillon

fmr. Prime Minister of France

Born on March 4, 1954 in Le Mans (Sarthe)

Master of Public Law - University of Maine au Mans

DEA in Public Law and DEA in Political Science - University of Paris Descartes - National

Foundation for Political Science.

1976-1978 Parliamentary assistant.

1978-1980 Deputy Head of the Office of the Minister of Transport

1980 Adviser to the Minister of Defence

1980-1981 Office of the Minister of Industry

1981-1988 County Councillor of Sarthe

1981-1993 1997 2002 Member of Parliament for Sarthe

1983-2000 Mayor of Sablé-sur-Sarthe

1992-1998 President of the Sarthe County Council

1998-2007 Regional Councillor for Pays de la Loire

1993-1995 Minister of Higher Education and Research

1995 Minister of Information,Technology and Post

1995-1997 Minister for Post, Telecommunications and Space

1998-2002 President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council

2001-2012 President of the Community of Communes - Sablé-sur-Sarthe

2002-2005 Minister of Social Affairs, Labour and Solidarity

2004-2005 Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research

2005-2007 Senator of the Sarthe

2007-2012 Prime Minister

2012-2017 Member of Parliament for Paris

Since 2017 Senior Partner at Tikehau Capital

Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour

Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit

Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun (Japan)


2006 « La France Peut Supporter la Vérité » (France Can Face The Truth)

Albin Michel

2016 « Faire » (Get Things Done)

Albin Michel

2016 « Vaincre Le Totalitarisme Islamique » ( Overcoming Islamic Totalitarianism)

Albin Michel