Farah Charafeddine

President & CEO
Modeus Inc., Silicon Valley & Lebanon

Farah Charafeddine is the CEO of Modeus Inc., a Silicon Valley startup in the field of medical device technology. Charafeddine is the sole inventor of a US and International filed patent. The creation is a micro-heart pump with a diameter less than that of a pencil. It takes the functionality of the heart when the heart is too weak to do its job, and most importantly, its insertion into the body doesn't require any open chest surgery.

Charafeddine graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with emphasis in biomedical. She also obtained her Executive MBA from ESMT Berlin 12 years later.

Charafeddine is a strong believer in the power of women. Being a mother of two, she is proving that work-life balance can always be achieved with positivity, perseverance and support.