Abdulrazaq Al-Zuheere

Iraqi Chambers of Commerce

ABDULRAZAQ AL-ZUHEERE was born in Nasiriya city , center of Thi-Qar governorate in 1965, Married and has five kids, He got a bachelor degree of education / Baghdad University and HE is a businessman doing business since 1993, MR Al-Zuheere is the investor of the Νational University for science and technology in Thi-qar governorate and He is authorized manager for Al-Mathar company for contracting since 2006, The company has implemented several important projects in many sectors such as contracting, construction, general trade, electricity and health in several  Iraqi governorates. MR Al-Zuheere is interested in cultivation of tissues palms and He has private lab for palms cultivation in Nasiriya city. He is also a member of board directors in many Arabian and International chambers like Iraqi-Italian committee and  Iraqi-Lebanese committee and private Commercial Banks .

MR Al-Zuheere represented Iraq in several International economic forums and conferences. MR Al –Zuheere held the position as a chairman of chamber of commerce of Al- Nasiriya since 2006 and then won the election to be the president of Iraqi federation of chambers of commerce since November 2018 and so far He is the President.